Translation: Popolo April 2014: Hey Say JUMP Q&A


They asked all the Johnny’s if there was something they wanted to graduate from in this issue, and some of their answers were so cute that I had to translate it. Enjoy, and please don’t repost without credit!

Though I want to stop, I can’t stop?!
I will graduate from ___!!

Now, what do you want to graduate from?

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Translation: Potato April 2011: Hey Say JUMP Q&A


I know this is a seriously old magazine, but I recently got my hands on it a couple months ago, and I thought this was cute, so I translated it~ Just as a note, I’m back to working on the Only Star crosstalks and I hope to post them soon, and my magazines should arrive tomorrow so I can get to Popolo and Myojo then :) Anyway, in this, they were asked three questions about things that start with a Japanese syllable. Enjoy it, and please don’t repost without credit!

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140925 Korea University of Media and Arts Festival © 러브레터

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Ji ~

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Mag. edit Sakuraiba and Sakuaimiya

Fr. ザテレビジョン 2014  10.3


Satoshi, Nino and Sho  - Monthly The Television 2014.11


月刊ザテレビジョン 2014 11月 EDITS
Translation: Potato October 2014: Hey Say JUMP Crosstalk


Happy anniversary, JUMP! I’m no good with making edits or anything, so I decided that I would post a group crosstalk to commemorate in. In this crosstalk, they’re asked questions that they can answer yes or no to, and then they discuss those answers. It’s really funny and cute, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please do not repost without credit!

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24.09.2007 - 24.09.2014 

Thank you for those 7 years, please continue making us smile ♡

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JOKER GAME “Jiro Kato”



Sungjong for NYLON KOREA


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Suikyuu Yankees episode 4

When I was watching this scene, my mum happened to peep from behind, and she said: “So bad! Why did he do that to her?” (lol) XD